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We began creating, organizing and producing Race Events at the end of 2006.

Since then we have met THOUSANDS of people and enjoyed hours of time out on the trails of Simi Valley, California.







Our very first race ever was the January 1st "RUN FOR BOOKS"  which we created to help raise money for the Simi Valley Public Library's HEALTH AND FITNESS section.  The information in that section was so old and the selection was dismal. 

RFB Header Generic It was freezing cold and we were just figuring out how to produce this event.  The night before we decided we wanted to have RACE BIBS!  Since nothing was open at 8:00pm on December 31st except Staples we bought big red sticky letters (see the top left photo on the montage here) and Sarita's mom just happened to have a stack of dark blue felt.  We made our own bib's and they were EPIC!   It was "first come, first serve" for race bibs and our participants had a ton of fun with it.

It has been a blast AND a blessing in disguise.  We get to bed on New Year's Eve at a decent hour so we can be up bright and early every New Year's Day to start it off RIGHT - in the right frame of mind and the greatest people too (and dogs).

New Year's Day 2015 will now include the first Trail Run Marathon! 



Bandit_Logo_Final The Bandit started off as and idea and has blossomed into one of the most difficult and prestigious (AND BEST VOLUNTEERED EVER) Ultra Trail Runs in SoCal!   It hosts 4 different race options:  5K, 15K, 30K and a 50K.

Visit the official Bandit Website for dates/times for this year.

A BOARD OF OFFICIATES was created and the race has carried on getting better every year. 

The photo coverage of this race is mostly donated to The SparkleDot Foundation.





Celtic Climb Logo 4 The third race in the year is our Celtic Climb at Rocky Peak.  This was first called The Love Run (because we held it on Valentines Day...or close to it). 

It got bumped to March which was just fine because then I get to celebrate my Irish Heritage!

There are two race distance options: 5 miles or 10 miles.  

This race was created to give back BIG to our absolutely incredible Rancho Simi Parks and Recreation Department and the Simi Valley Trail Blazers.    

Take a look at our photos over the years here!





sparkledot logo 1 This race was created and is produced and hosted every year by some amazing friends.  It is all about keeping the memory of our daughter Amanda Nicole Shoemaker who we lost in a tragic accident at Emma Woods Beach. 

We did not create this race, but the photos of it are posted here for you to enjoy.  To read more about this race (which happens in June) click here.




Active White Bull Series Pic Marr Land has a WHITE BULL on it.  I have seen it with my own eyes (and when I did I stopped in my track in disbelief and fear actually!).  It was just standing there staring at me eating it's cud.  He looked somewhat bored.  Apparently this was a rare sighting because I haven't seen it since.

The White Bull Winter Trail Series is about STAYING ACTIVE DURING THE WINTER SEASON!  There are four races in November and December in different locations.  The race trails are amazingly beautiful, the weather is PERFECT for outdoor trail running and we even started the race a bit later to get the warmth one might want. 

It's a challenge for all levels of runner.  Those monster runners that need long distances can use these events as a warm up for the day and jet off onto even further and longer trails and those that are just starting out running trails will have an excellent time too.  The trails have all sorts of terrain and we're pretty sure the views from the top will not be forgotten. 

We've got photo coverage thanks to Tommi Diaz, Randy Shoemaker, Sarita Shoemaker and lots of runners and their crew.