Since 2006 we have been snapping photos of our campers as they embark on a 6-week adventure bringing outdoor boot camp together with nutritional guidance.

No two days are the same at our program, you'll never get BORED!
Group Yoga Love and Light with MinaJeffR- Big Sky Movie Ranch Trail  (1)Rajeev - bicepsToriW - another lap on 185Outdoors - Big puddles everhwhere on Tapo Open Space  (1).jpgPhoto R. ShoemakerRandy and Sarita - hey there 805 Pet Sit rocks!!GarretM - having fun Trail Running Hummingbird  (3)LeahB - Group - hover time to finishOutdoor - Big Sky Movie Ranch Aug 2014  (15)Salad zucchini tomato carrot avocado sesame seeds Recipe FoodMikeCe ChrisH - toss and squat (2)GeorgeR - Trail running 2MaryW - she's got this focused on form and doing it perfectly. Kettle bell swingWeek 1 T49 Group - The Golden Children - what are they spellingLeahB - Step Ups  (1)Outdoor Trail Black Canyon Fog Puddle trees dirt path fog Feb 2014  (13)ChelseaT - Slack lineGroup- ahhh - the end of a great workout!Salad Challenge Entries - NICE!! (9)Outdoor - Marr Land Jun 2014 trail footage tree sunrise  (4)