Watch our campers shrink before your eyes. Getting stronger, healthier and having a blast doing it!
Zoey - trail dog at HummingbirdZoey - so so happy!!Zoey - out of her mind happy to be running again - she's getting up in her yearsYoga with MinaWeek 4 DONE - Mid Morning Group at HummingbirdWeek 1 DONE!  Mid Morning groupWeek 1 DONE - evening Group pointy pointy!Week 1 DONE - Evening Group at Tapo Canyon Open Space Trailhead  Rev1Week 1 DONE - Early Morning GroupWarrior Pose - BillJ PattiTVickiA - core and balanceTonyK - Gunny sack runTonyK - French FryTonyK - focused on the slosh tub workTony - SLAM!TommiD - side squatsTommi Sarita Zoey - Hummingbird TrailTommi Sarita - it'll be OK with friends there! always!TinaQ - twistsTinaQ - twists