A 805 Rainbow - look at the pretty colors at dawnA bird and trash - not OK on the trash!A Perfect Spot at Camp  - Gear all ready to rollAdrianneA - Bag DragAdrianneA - jetting off to the end of the drag stripAdrianneA and EileenO - Besties!After Mark A Thon evening group pointing to something NOT dripping with sweat!Ahn - Bag Drag  (1)Ahn - Bag DragAhn - Recovery LapAngieL - Conquering the Slosh Tube  (1)AngieL - Conquering the Slosh TubeAngieL - Flies by RandyAngieL - Flipping the FryAngieL - Hill Repeats 2AngieL - Hill repeatsAngieL - Pull Ups - oh and Randy giving THUMBS UP!AngieL - Weighted Jump RopeAngieL - wrist and forearms on FIRE!AngieL on K9 Watering Detail