Adrianne - tabata tricep workAmeenah - Around the World shoulder workAmeenah - off like a rocket Trail RUnningAmeenah - tabata training bicep workAmeenah - this girl is one of the most upbeat beautiful funny people we have ever metAmeenah- ahhhh ab workAngelene - bicep tabata trainingAshliS - bicep tabata workAshliS around the worldBillC - Blazing the trailsBillC - more trail more sweat more funBillC - shoulder work at Around The WorldBillC - Trail RunningBrianF - love the wall and absBrianF - squatsBrianF - tabata trainingBrianF - Trail Running to SCUBA forever!BrianMC Samme stop and let me snap a shot before heading up that hill behind them.BrianMC Sammy - Trail BlazingCelebrity Appearance - Liberty Miller shows why she is the best - EXTRA HARD WORK