Arya loving my HOKA stringsHubble!  They really do feel like zero gravityBrand new - spanking fresh - my running pillows have arrived from Zappos.comMy Dream Shoes - can't find them anywhere to replace.No mistaking - they are NOTHING BUT HOKA!Randy's Hoka One One shoesThe Message right before you put them on - very fittingThese Girls are 5 years old - no tred on the bottomThey have a purpose for everything - the traction on Randy's Hoka One One'sYep, those things have a lot of sole! And Traction!My Shoes - AFTER HOKAMy Shoes BEFORE HOKAThe HOOD. My shoe strings came untied too many times though.The Trunk - This part is what must be propelling meOh which is cuter!?!NO PROBLEM going up or down a mountain!My hoka shoe - tread is differntDavid Sommer Sports Chiropractor