Travel this week was to Corriganville Park!
Whitney - FrankensteinsScottH - speed drillsTina - speed drillsJennyL  races outWhitney - jump start on speed drillsJennyL - hurry get that weight movedAmeenah ScottH Jim T - speed drillsMikeL speed drillsScottH - perfect form speed drill launchMarco - speed drill squatsScottH - speed drills with squatsJimT - speed drills in squatTina - Speed drills with squatsJennyL - speed drills with squatsPavel speed drills with squatsMarco Pavel - squat speed drillsWhitney Jenny Ameenah wow!!Whitney Jenny Ameenah how low and how long can you go!Ana - speed drills in deep crouchWhitney - launch that ball