The 36th Tour at 805 Boot Camp with some of the most inspirational, hard working and fantastic people around town! Watch them close...they're shrinking away!
SandraR AliciaL ChristinaVO - jumping for the 4th of July!!SandraR AliciaL ChristinaVO - getting ready to launch like a firework!DorianR and Ric - Happy Peace and Independence!AliciaL PaulL - Happy 4th and Happy Anniversary too!AliciaL PaulL - 4th Of JulyGroup - July 4th!JimB - speedster in the relayNoelC - Patriotism! Proud to be working out on the 4th of July!NoelC - more relayRobinKu - Relay!AdrianneA - relayAnaQ - relayAnaQ 2 RelayShannonKu - relayShannonKu 2 relayShannonKe - relayDebbieS - relayRodF - relayRodF 2  more relayBillJ - Relay on July 4th!