It takes a lot of work BEFORE race day to make it happen. We now know what what the Barnam & Bailey Circus must have felt like (minus the elephant show)!

If you are curious about what we do, here are some moments we caught (because one of us remembered to take a picture) of the behind-the-scenes.
805 Pet Sit cleverly packaged all 300 of her business cards!  A+ Kathleen DriscollFrom 805 Pet Sit doggie goodies to big discounts at Dicks Sporting Goods...we had a ton!GOODIES!!Larry Lee and Randy Shoemaker hamming it up at our house at one of MANY meetings about the 2012 BanditLassens Simi Valley went CRAZY with goodiesOur house was BANDITVILLE with all of the goodie bag stuff!  Kristi Chambers and Larry leeMat Diaz laid low as usual stuffing awayRandy caused the most trouble on our stuffing assembly line HANDS DOWNSandi Kalinke and Tommi Diaz STUFF STUFFSO MUCH STUFF to STUFFThanks Speed Laces!!Tommi Costco Bagels 2012 BanditUDO OIL!  YEAH!!Water from The Enviornmental Store was used at all stationsBandit Meeting!  Our kid photo bombing.  Larry and Randy.Building the Start Finish Line 2012