We're in a drought here in sunny Simi Valley, California.

Since 2006 we've marveled at the "protective bubble" we seem to have over us during our hour long camp classes.

RARELY are we doused but this year we hoped and prayed for RAIN! Lots of it. We want it to rain as much as our dry earth can handle.

Our wish was granted in Week 1 - starting with a fantastic few days of rain which will be turning out Simi Valley mountains into green with flowers and more.

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Zoey!  Being patient with her hurting hips.Zoey!  Being patient with her hurting hips.  (1)Zoey looking beautiful in the sunriseWhitneyL - Running ManWhitneyL - down she goes for another upWendyO - Kettlebell twistsWeek 5 DONE Early Birds at Reagan LibraryWeek 5 DONE Early Birds at Reagan Library  (1)Week 5 DONE - how many dogs can you see?Week 5 at Long Canyon! Evening GroupWeek 4 DONE! The Early Morning Crew at SunriseWeek 4 - Time to FLY at Big Sky!!Week 3 Done!  The dogs are looking at allof the late people - Golden ChildrenWeek 3 Done!  Morning GroupWeek 3 DONE - Chumash Evening GroupWeek 3 DONE  - That is the moon rising and sun setting at ChumashWeek 2 DONE!  Indian Runs way back in Marr Land  Bravo GroupWeek 2 DONE - Indian Run Charlie Group at Marr LandWeek 2 DONE - Golden Children K9 CrewWeek 2 DONE - Golden Children