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Injuries are not fun for you or me (your Program Director).

My job is to pay attention to the research and development in the world of fitness, with a bit of an emphasis on high-impact activities.

I create the programs every day considering each of you.  How strong you are and how much your endurance levels can endure.

There are so many professionals out in the world with the same goal:  make people faster and stronger while eliminating injuries.  My direction may not be the “latest trend” but when I dig deeper into the theories and practices of a concept I feel confident you will benefit.

When 805 Boot Camp began we did static stretching.  Most of you might relate to this - it’s the common “fall back” most adults go to when embarking on ANY sort of exercise.  

Then, in 2006 I began educating myself in “dynamic warm up”.  We began this sort of start and I’m very happy with the outcome.  It makes perfect sense and I’ve seen the theories represented WORK.  Not only for you campers but for myself and Sarita too.    We began dynamic workout in 2007.

Yoga is another element of our program for good reason.  Plenty of research in this area (and actual experience) points to the value of what yoga give.  Elongating, controlling movements, slowly growing and stretching with a professional guiding (Mina Izad) WILL make you a better and stronger athlete.

Today, 2015, we are adding Active Recovery to our arsenal of healthy routines to get you and keep you moving with little or fewer and maybe even zero injuries. 

What is Active Recovery?   It’s simply LOW-intensity activity following a workout.  Taking a 5 minute WALK while moving your limbs in motions to relax (like swaying your elbows, tilting your ribs in and out or lifting your knees) keeps the blood flowing but not in an intense way.  

Your breathing will be easier (you can carry on a conversation) which gives your heart and lungs a better cool down.

The opposite of this would be an intense workout (like a full camp hour or running a race) then completely halting your movement to stretch a limb.  

Research (and experience) is exposing Active Recovery is actually helping athletes wind down with less pain and DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

After I (Randy) ran my 100 Mile Race I SHOULD have engaged Active Recovery, or began it a mile or two from the finish.  After crossing the finish line (31 hours of running in the mountains) I made the big mistake of sitting down too quickly.   I wasn’t injured and crossed in excellent condition.  Within 45 minutes of just sitting around my calf muscles began to seize.  We had to wait hours for all of the remaining runners to finish and then wait for the Awards Ceremony.    Lesson learned for me.

The first time I (Sarita) ran the Disney Half Marathon we had a day at the park planned right after. I put on my crocs and we walked the entire park until 11pm.  We hit the hay and I woke up perfectly fine - no aches or pains (other than a small hot spot blister forming on a toe).   The second time I ran the Disney Half I went back to the hotel room two blocks from the Finish Line and took a hot bath then made the HUGE mistake of laying down on the bed “for a quick nap”.  Leg pain and cramps within 30 minutes!  I had to forgo the plan to enjoy Disneyland and stayed in the hotel room until we went home the next day.  I was limping and complaining of calf and hip flexor pain for a few days after. 

Your efforts at camp will (hopefully) result in DOMS.  That means you ARE breaking down and building up muscle.  The lactic acid needs to flush through and out.  Staying active with a lower intensity winding down following camp is intended to help you push HARDER during the 55 minutes prior and then lend your body a hand in moving the lactic acid through the system.


A fantastic quote to pass along from the Mayo Clinic 12 Habits For Highly Healthy People “…recovery is also a vital component of strength and flexibility. Rest time between sets of resistance training, rest days between strength training workouts, and active recovery at a lower intensity can all contribute to more sustainable and less painful short– and long-term results.”

We would like your feedback on this experience for you.

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185 BPM Running Efficiently helps AVOID INJURY Lynette - Corriganville Trail runningLynette - Corriganville Trail running Over the 10 years of camp we have learned (and been force fed) a lot of helpful theories about running.  Some make PERFECT SENSE but when we tried to apply it to our own running it was proven wrong.

Not the case with the theory of 185 BMP running.

What is BPM?  Beats Per Minute.  Every song has a BMP.   I discovered iTunes will try to help you with the info but the best thing you can do is download an app that allows you to tap along to your tune and it will give you the average.   Then make a playlist with those songs and on your next track run, try it out.


Running efficiently means not expending energy where it is not needed.

Turnover of your feet (when running) at 185 FEELS GREAT!  If you are a walker, you should go for 160's.  Prancersize?  We're not sure.

It helps to have a running coach keep track of the time so you can pay attention to the count of your steps. 


While at camp we do not want you to wear headphones or any sort of gadget.

BUT you can always keep a song going in your head while you run and work on the 185 steps in a minute.

 Here are some songs you may recognize that fall between 183-186 beats per minute.


  • Billy Joel - Tell Her About It



  • The Crystal Method - Bad Stone (even a section in the beginning to get your Garmin set up and begin a walk)




  • Simon and Garfunkel Mrs. Robinson



  • LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (and this video has the words...that I'd never known)


  •  ​The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers (we all know this one!)



Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away



And for Eric Cartier ( and Angie Liston)

System of a Down: Needles

(my computer will not play this...the Bandit Race Committee knows why)


Frank Sinatra - Hello Dolly - might start actually dancing!!!



Little Richard - Tutti Frutti



If you know of any, please post!



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Granola home madeGranola DONE!Finished product of my granola.

This is granola is my first attempt.  I mixed a few recipe ideas around but mostly remembered what my mom did when she baked granola in Ohio.  

This is vegan (not what my mom would do) and gluten free (you have to use GF Oats).



3 cups of GF oats

2T raw sugar (OPTIONAL)

1t pink himalayan salt

3/4T cinnamon

1T chia seeds

1T flax seeds (crushed)

3/4T cinnamon

1/2 c sunflower seeds (out of shell)

1/2 c chopped raw walnuts

1/2 c almond slivers

2T dried cranberries

2T shaved coconut



1/4c coconut oil

1T vanilla

1/3c maple syrup

1/2 medium size banana - mushed well


  1. Set oven to 325.  Place two cookie sheets out with parchment paper.  I prefer parchment because of clean up and less oils! YAY!
  2. Place all dry ingredients in big bowl in the order above.  Blend as you add just to keep is mixing well.
  3. Warm up (low heat and slowly) the coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla and banana.  Stir to really blend it (use a whisk, it helps).  
  4. Pour the wet ingredients onto the dry and combine thoroughly. 
  5. Spread the whole blend between the two cookie sheets (on top of the parchment).  I took a spatula and spread one portion out and left one closer to see the differences.  The closer and thicker the blend the browner and less cooked it was.
  6. Bake for 20 minutes.  Toss after 10 to avoid chunks.  Randy LOVES the snowball size chunks so I left it along.
  7. Remove from oven - is it done?  You decide based off of your preferences.  I like more brown and cooked, Randy prefers chunks but NEVER “burned” (as he calls it).
  8. If yes, slide parchment off of the cookie sheet (to stop if from cooking) to cool it down.  
  9. Just let it be for 5 minute - cooling and making it dry out like a cereal.  It was moist at first.
  10. If not, place back in oven and WATCH OVER IT FOR NO MORE THAN A MINUTE OR TWO!  It will burn quickly with the coconut oil and shred as well as cranberries.  I LOVE burned cranberries!
  11. Let cool and then serve it up or store it in a glass jar (like big mason jars).    I suggest you try to eliminate plastic from your pantries.

Coming soon:   Nutritional Facts

Granola Chunky BananaGranola stored in glass jars.8 actual cups of granola.


This was off the dial DELICIOUS.

It would make a great snack, topping for a dessert, as a dessert and served as a breakfast!

It made me 8 actual cups of cereal.  I took the photo after I’d had a cup with almond milk (couldn’t wait - the house smells like banana bread, it’s overcast and chilly outside and I’m hungry for something sweet!



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Millet Oat Pancakes - Gluten Free and Vegan Sunday Sunrise Pancakes    (PDF of recipe) Millet Oat Pancakes Breakfast  (2)Millet Oat Pancakes Breakfast (2)

Sunday morning (today) was a spectacular sunrise.  

I always wish I was out on the trail someplace without any walls when it rises!  

Today we sipped coffee and watched it from our back porch.  Ahhhh…  

I decided I wanted to make some healthy pancakes for Randy.  He is going on another big run in preparation for all of the big 50/100 mile races he's got on the calendar this year.   Just for January he is trying to eat gluten free and vegan with me and I only have a few days left to try to get him (and his body) to enjoy the experience.    I have been mindful of the protein and energy he needs.  

These cakes were delicious!  

They were light and fluffy.  We used vegan butter and pure maple syrup on ours - next time I’m creating a fruit compote with whatever is in the kitchen.

Come to find out MILLET has some amazing health benefits - who knew!?

Serves 2

Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: minutes!

Perfect for: Breakfast or Snack

Level: Easy


Wet Ingredients

2T Flax seed (ground)  **see non-vegan option below**

5T water

3T maple syrup

1 C almond milk

1 1/2t coconut oil

1 vanilla


Dry Ingredients

1/2c GF All Purpose Flour

1/2c GF Oat Flour

1/3c Millet flour

2t baking powder

1/2t corn starch

pinch of salt


Directions - IN THIS ORDER!

  1. In sauce pan combine flax and water. Heat on low. Millet Oat Pancakes Breakfast
  2. Stir stir stir until it becomes gooey.  Set on unheated burner.
  3. Put all dry ingredients in larger mixing bowl.
  4. Turn griddle on medium heat. 
  5. Place remaining wet ingredients IN THAT ORDER into the flax/water mix.  Set sauce pan on the earlier warmed up burner to melt coconut oils and warm almond milk to room temperature (my almond milk was in the fridge).  Stir it baby! Mix it all up nice.
  6. Pour wet mixture into dry mixture.  Fold and stir well.
  7. Spray your griddle with cooking spray (don’t overdo it!)
  8. Using a ¼ cup measure for each cake - blob it onto the griddle.  Using a teflon spatula (or backside of a spoon) swirl the batter into a flatter cake. 
  9. Watch for bubbles coming up.  Flip after about 2 minutes.
  10. Cook for another 2 minutes (should be done at this point).
  11. If you think it is taking too long to cook, turn the heat up A TINY BIT.  
  12. Serve immediately or set aside (not stacked) to take to room temperature then freeze for later.    You can bake them on parchment paper at 325 for 5 minutes.  I am going to try taking them out of the freezer and use the toaster.  Check back to see how that works out!



You can replace the flax/water steps by using 2 medium size eggs.  Do not warm it up - just warm up the remaining ingredients in the sauce pan.  The eggs in a separate bowl.  Blend it all together in the mixing bowl.



Check this out:

“12 Health Benefits:

1. Millet is alkaline and it digests easily.

2. The Hunzas – who live in a remote area of the Himalayan foothills and are known for their excellent health and longevity – enjoy millet as a staple in their diet.

3. Millet will hydrate your colon to keep you from being constipated.

4. Millet acts as a prebiotic feeding microflora in your inner ecosystem.

5. The serotonin in millet is calming to your moods.

6. Millet is a smart carb with lots of fiber and low simple sugars. Because of this it has a relatively low glycemic index and has been shown to produce lower blood sugar levels than wheat or rice. (Kamari and Sumathi, 2002)

7. Magnesium in millet can help reduce the effects of migraines and heart attacks.

8. Niacin (vitamin B3) in millet can help lower cholesterol.

9. Millet consumption decreases triglycerides and C-reactive protein. Scientists in Seoul, South Korea concluded that millet may be useful in preventing cardiovascular disease. Nutrition Research. April 2010; 30(4):290-6.

10. All millet varieties show high antioxidant activity. A team of biochemists analyzed the antioxidant activity; all varieties showed high antioxidant activity. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 9 June 2010; 58(11):6706-14.

11. Millet is gluten-free and non-allergenic. A great grain for sensitive individuals.

  1. Millet’s high protein content (15 percent) makes is a substantial addition to a vegetarian diet.”


Read more:

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Butternut Quinoa Spinach Dish - YUM Roasted Butternut squash pine nuts and quinoa on spinachRoasted Butternut squash pine nuts and quinoa on spinach Roasted Butternut Squash on a bed of fresh spinach                                                   GET THE PDF


Serves 3

Prep/cook time 60 minutes

Perfect for: Lunch, Dinner

Level: Easy



5 cups of rinsed uncut raw Indian Summer spinach  (or whatever kind you love raw)

3 cups of butternut squash cut into cubes 

2c cooked quinoa

⅓ c roasted (I roasted mine) pine nuts

2T evoo

1 ½ t cumin ground

1 t of coriander

1/4t cayenne pepper

to taste:  salt, black ground pepper, red pepper flakes (Randy PILED it on)

Roasted Butternut squash pine nuts and quinoa on spinach (1)Roasted Butternut squash pine nuts and quinoa on spinach (1) Instructions

  1. Heat oven to 425.
  2. Prep cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  3. Put EVOO and spices (cumin, coriander, cayenne) in a large bowl and whisk well.  
  4. Add chopped butternut squash (any squash would work).
  5. Mix vigorously!
  6. Place squash flat on cookie sheet.
  7. Bake for 30 minutes.  After halfway turn the squash to change the side that is on the cookie sheet.  I did this by pulling cookie sheet out of oven and taking the edges of the parchment paper and sort of jostling them around.  This really worked great to mix up their positions.  Put back in oven for remaining 15 minutes.
  8. WATCH close after 20 minutes.  You don’t want to burn these!  They should get “crispy” but also soft through.
  9. While it cooks, roast your pine nuts on the lower shelf in oven for 10 minutes.  Also shake these around to evenly distribute their “baked” side.  Mmmmmm…YUM.
  10. Prep your two plates with rinsed and patted dry spinach.  I use my salad spinner.  Spinach can be super dirty (especially the organic type) with actual dirt and that makes gritty bites.  Bleh.  I rinse well.  I left the tips on because I like the stems.  Your choice.
  11. Warm up your quinoa (you should make a big batch to pull from all week). If none made, it takes 15 minutes or whatever your instructions are.  Follow them for perfect quinoa. 
  12. Once roasting squash is done mix it LIGHTLY with your quinoa.  Place on top of spinach.  Then divide the pine nuts and toss them on top. 


Serve it up!  


I put a teaspoon of Neumann’s Own EVOO salad dressing on my spinach to jazz it up.  Randy ate his with a lot of red pepper flakes.  

REMEMBER: Salt and pepper TO TASTE means you do it right before serving.  Don’t kill the recipe with too much salt.  





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Sunday at Pippy's Kitchen In case you did not know: I'm Pippy and I'll be using this blog until I get mine up and running.

Pippy is my creative side.  I have Pippy Productions (my moviettes) and now I have established Pippy's Kitchen which is my attempt at healthier meals created in the kitchen.

Sunday is a great day for most people to plan the meals and snacks for the upcoming days.  My Sunday is a "work" day since we do 805 Boot Camp every day, Abundant Harvest Organics on Saturday (thanks to the Costley Family for helping share that job) and Sunday is Aqua Running.

Butternut Soup and Pepita Oat Bread PodButternut Soup and Pepita Oat Bread Pod Today I created Super Spicy Butternut Soup with a Bread Pod.

Here is my recipe for the Bread Pod:

Bread Pods for Soup Days


This is a flatter bread but very yummy (in our opinion) with soup.


1 cup of oat flour from Bob’s Redmill

1 cup of GF baking flour (#bobsredmill) 

2t baking powder

1/2t himalayan salt

1/4c plus 1T pepitas from #TraderJoes

1/4c oatmeal from Bob’s Redmill

2T pure maple syrup

1c non-sweet coconut milk

1T vegetable oil


  1. Heat oven to 450.
  2. Prep a cookie sheet with parchment paper or silicon cover.
  3. Place oat flour, baking flour, salt and baking powder in bowl.  With wire whisk mix well.  
  4. Grind (in a mini food processor) or mash 1/4c pepita seeds and oats (you want these to have texture).  Add to dry mix above and whisk together.
  5. In small bowl blend syrup, milk and oil.  Whip with a whisk very well - till little bubbles form.
  6. Pour wet into dry and fold/mix through. 
  7. Split mix in half and using a measuring cup make two blobs.  Sprinkle remaining pepita seeds on top.
  8. Bake for 20 minutes.  Remove from oven (it should be toasted on the bottom nicely and only rise an inch max).  Let cool for 5-10 minutes then consume IMMEDIATELY!  



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Italian Vegetable Lentil Stew - DELISH! IMG_0010IMG_0010 PRINT RECIPE FROM A PDF


Italian Vegetable Stew

vegan and gluten free

4 servings

This recipe took about 45 minutes TOTAL to prepare and about 5 minutes for my husband and son to demolish!


5 shallot bulbs sliced (#AbundantHarvestOrganics)

4 garlic bulbs chopped

drizzle evoo

½ T crushed red pepper (Penzey’s)

1 15oz can drained crushed tomatoes (drained)

1 15 oz can cannelloni beans, rinse

1 T turkish oregano (Penzey’s)

11/2 med size carrot, chopped into small bits

1 bay leaf

1/2t celery salt 

1 small red skin potato chopped to dice/bite size

16 oz (half a box) organic vegetable broth

1/2c red lentils (rinsed)

ground black pepper


Place chopped shallots and garlic in drizzled EVOO and stir a lot - just until they’re a little soft. Add red pepper flakes.  

Add drained tomatoes  and smash them up good. let them simmer until most of the tomato juice has evaporated.  Add carrots and continue stirring until they are a little soft.  Now add 8 oz of the veggie broth.  Bring to simmer.


Add celery salt, oregano and black pepper.  Stir for a few minutes.


Add beans and red lentils and remainder of veggie broth.  Add potatoes and bring heat down to low - let it just low simmer for about 15 minutes.  


Ready to serve!


I made vegan corn bread and it went together perfectly.

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Buckeye Fan - yes, that's me. IMG_0012IMG_0012

Ready for the Buckeyes to WIN!  Sugar Bowl.

Thanks to my many awesome friends - I'm fully decked out in plenty of OSU stuff!  Over the years it has been a "go-to" wish item.

I left Columbus in 1984.



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We're over here watching the Buckeye game (vs Alabama in case you didn't already know).  It's the Sugar Bowl.  That is supposed to be the big deal but it isn't!


It's all about the Mayhem Allstate Guy tonight - and we want your opinion.  Is he the same guy!? 


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Yam and Lime Recipe Yam screen shot from Buzzle dot comYam screen shot from Buzzle dot com


Baked Yams in Lime and Honey

I’m no yam fan - like EVER.  If I saw them on the table at thanksgiving I’d squinch my nose up and think “gross...PASS!”  BUT that was when I was young and dumb!

Now I'm a girl on a mission of health and gladly taste every veggie at least once.  This recipe made me a YAM FAN forever.

You can switch so many things out to be vegan compliant. I’ve noted it in parenthesis if you care)



Baked Yams in Lime and Honey

Preheat Oven to 350˚ 

  • 3 large yams    (go for organic on this if at all possible)                                      

  • ½ cup water

  • 6 Tbsp honey   (maple syrup)                                    

  • 4 Tbsp butter, at room temperature (vegan butter)

  • Juice of 4 limes                                    

  • 1 ½ tsp salt

  • ½ tsp black pepper

  • Sour cream for garnish (I don’t use it)

 Wash your yams!  Don't scrub them to death - just get dirt off.  Skin leaves a good texture. 

Cut yams into bite size chunks.

Place in a baking dish with water about a quarter inch.

Bake until the yams are soft and the skins puffy, about 40 minutes.

Remove from oven.  Set aside to cool slightly (leave the oven on).

Once cooled enough to manage, remove chunks and place in mixing bowl or another baking dish if you have one.

Add the honey, butter, lime juice, salt and pepper.  

Stir and mash well with a potato masher.  I like it chunky.

Cover with aluminum foil and return to the oven for 10-15 more minutes until heated through.  

Serve hot!

Dot top with sour cream (for non-vegan peeps)

This can be made in advance and re-heated.  It tastes good at regular room temp as well (I served it at a party at the Neumann's and it was a big hit (remember Val?!).

Sarita Shoemaker

Originally 2011 updated Nov 2014


Spicy Cranberry Chutney

5 stars!

If you want something ZIPPY for a gathering.  

I've made this so many times - it goes with EVERYTHING!


Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

EVERY SINGLE PERSON that tried these amazing vegan delights LOVED them.  

Every single person that tried these amazing vegan delights LOVED them.  They are like "muffin tops" and also gluten free.  Just substitute the wheat flour with gluten free oat flour like I did.  They really were delicious.  I didn't try the icing - they didn't really need it in my opinion.



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Pumpkin Garbonzo Bean Water Chestnut Soup Pumpkin amongst green leavesPumpkin amongst green leaves

I took Kitty Morse’s Garbanzo Bean and Pumpkin Soup in a slightly different direction.  


Meat of 1 medium size pumpkin, baked and remove seeds

drizzle of EVOO

1 medium size organic yellow onion

32 oz veggie broth

1 can (14 oz) garbanzo beans (rinsed)

2 T tomato paste

1 can water chestnuts rinsed and drained

Pink himalayan salt

Coarse crushed pepper

1/4t cayenne pepper


salted (or not) sunflower seeds


Bake pumpkin or butternut squash would even work.

  1. Cut pumpkin into chunks to bake (big enough to get 4-6 chunks that will fit in a oven baking dish).  
  2. I remove the seeds and stringys before baking to make it easier.
  3. Place chunks with about 1 inch of water and bake at 350 for 40 minutes (or until meat is soft).
  4. When done, remove the meat from the skin and place in fridge to chill.  


Creating the soup base

  1. In a chili size pot, drizzle evoo (just a little bit) and sauté onion until it is translucent.
  2. Take half the cooled pumpkin meat, all the onions, half the drained garbanzo beans and half the veggie broth then pure in blendtec (or similar)
  3. Pumpkin Water Chestnut Garbanzo Bean soupPumpkin Water Chestnut Garbanzo Bean soupThe kick of cayenne meets the sweet of dried cranberries!
  4. Pour back into chili pot.  Turn on medium heat.   
  5. BlendTec the remainder of tomato paste, veggie broth, cayenne and onions in blender.  Pure it.
  6. Pour into chili pot with first batch - stir together.
  7. Add garbanzo beans and water chestnuts.  Let simmer for 10 minutes or longer (to get the flavors exploding).
  8. Salt and Pepper to taste.
  9. When you serve, sprinkle sunflower seeds and dried cranberries over the bowl.

The sweet of the cranberries hitting the heat of the cayenne and pumpkin...SHAZAM!!

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What if you lost your sight in 90 days The TOP of Haggarty Hill number 5.Ahhhh...peaceful feelings out on the trails. This was July 6th 2013. I twisted my ankle 3 minutes after this photo! I like to contemplate what I am grateful of when I am struggling.  


I haven't had a doctor tell me that what I was experiencing is actually called depression, but when you sink low and feel bad what other word fits?


Struggle.  Ugh.

Monday I was struggling, but not a big depression.  It was a SMALL HILL at the Tapo Open Space Trail.  Struggle nonetheless.


I wanted to run the whole hill and it was hard and I started to get ticked that it was SO HARD.  Then I began to think this was stupid I was trying to run the whole thing.  I looked up and chose the spot I would STOP and WALK.  I continued the irritated conversation with myself a few more steps then I thought to myself, "What if I knew I would lose my sight in 30 days?  How would I change my life now to prepare for it?"


Not to get all spiritual about life, but can you imagine being unable to see what you can see today in 90 days?


I immediately thought, during my struggle up that small hill:  I'd sign up for every race and run every trail I could to experience the sensations and visions so I could HAVE THEM FOR LATER.    I would get up for every sunrise and watch every sunset.  


Those thoughts lead to wondering what my next race would be...for real.  When was it and where was it going to be?


I would like to know YOUR next few race plans for the future.   Please help inspire me!


Oh, I got up that hill OK.  It wasn't pretty and I was going to throw up at the top but I kept moving. That counts!

Vicki Adoff Commissioner of uphill DRIVEVicki Adoff Commissioner of uphill DRIVEFor the 2014 Political Mess

 I also like to think of my friend Vicki when I begin a hill climb.  She NEVER STOPS (and I am not kidding).


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I ran The Rut 12K Run the Rut - Lone PeakThe Rut's Lone PeakLone Peak. Sky Runners run to the TOP of the mountain, not around it. RESPECT. I signed up for The Rut because it's just the popular thing to do when you are married to Randy Shoemaker.

This 12k must to be one of the toughest in the USA.  I'm not kidding.

Official Run The Rut Website

Salomon Skyrunning

Trail Runner Magazine


My "report" is more of an EXPERIENCE.  Take what you want from it - I had a BLAST despite the sick fear I stashed away knowing my knees might give out on me as they had in the recent past.

A little (and important) history:

I was really worried I would not finish and then put myself back even further from the recovery I was trying to "complete".

We uncovered, purely by accident, the powerful benefits of aqua running.  

Starting in March I was on a decent running program directed by Randy. I was dedicated and compliant and preparing to finish this Rut Race strong.  Between boot camp sessions and work I put more and more miles in (trail and road).  

Over the months I tracked the pain in my knees.  I figured it was "normal" to experience.  How would I know otherwise?  I'd never actually stuck to a running plan like I had this one.

The pain radiated and eventually I could barely stand.  It was both knees so we knew it wasn't from an accident or injury.  My running "form" was checked (and I passed), my shoes were changed (I now own 4 pair of Hoka One One's and 4 Asics Kayano).  I found some amazing running pants by a virtually unknown company Lole so I got 4 pair of those babies.  Of course a girl cannot have enough good support for "the girls" so I bought some CWX Running Bra's while visiting our daughter Claire at a T9 Store in Bezerkely.  For those of you that don't know me: TO PUT THIS MUCH OF OUR HARD EARNED $$ INTO MYSELF IS UNHEARD OF. 

Finally, I was told in July by my doctor - "YOU CANNOT RUN".  He even added "OR WALK".  The time frame was indefinite.  The reason was after months of unexplained pain in both my knees we decided I had overdone it.   It would radiate, I'd wear braces, I'd stop would go away...I'd get back out and run...pain returned...wore braces...less was NUTS.  Growing up I played sports and got injured a million times. I never EVER followed sensible advice on healing and therapy.  Now I pay.  Dang it.

I got massage from Cheryl, followed the regular chiropractic with Sommers. got the pre-adjustment therapy...I did EVERYTHING!  It was so frustrating.

My JOB requires I run!  I have ignored every utterance of these advices for so long that now it was a stone cold fact:  I'm out.

My training was "reduced" to Aqua Running 5 weeks before the race.  It was hard at first but the resistance training without the impact meant my knees were NOT hurting and could repair!  My cardio was worked hard (as hard as I wanted).  Randy was a mean coach some days and shush'ed me a lot.  One bonus to Aqua can do it with your eyes closed!

Rut 12K Finish Shelley ListonPre Race with Leonard! was cold. I WAY overdressed for most of the race (it did get a little chilly later but next time...way less on the layering!)

Now for my "Race Report"

A few hiccups at the start...Like we thought the race started at 9am...and realized it at 7:50am THAT IT STARTS AT 8:00am!  Banged on Dustin and Donna's door springing them out of bed. Thankfully Donna and I were in the 3rd wave but Dustin was in Wave 2 starting at 8:05.  He made it!

So there's that.  

Made it in the nick of time to the start line where I was met by Leonard and Shelley with giant smiles. That calmed me down.  Leonard was a very cool cucumber and Shelley was bubbling and excited.  I was freezing plus my stomach in knots from the "almost late" saga. 

I hopped up and down trying to get warm and went to the BACK of the pack.  I was the last one across the start line from what I could remember.

The RD said that wave 3 was the "fun wave". Donna WASNT THERE WHEN THE STARTING MOOSE SOUNDS WENT OFF!  I kept looking for her panicking that she wasn't there.  The race first begins in the Resort then curls around our building so I peered up at our window...she wasn't there.   I was hoping she was just ahead of me...kept going.

The Rut Dustin - Start of Wave 1Made it to send Dustin off into the mountains for his very first EVER trail run! That awful sound is supposed to be a boy moose calling for a girl moose (it's mating season aka The Rut). We were running up up up the. Suddenly everyone slowed.  It was a single track entry and everyone was being polite.  One by one we stacked in tightly.  I thought, "oh no...this might get tough.  I could slow so done down or someone could hang me up."  I was surprisingly running up the hill. RUNNING!  That's not normal but I couldn't find a reason to stop, my lungs and heart were was only a mile but a mile UP.

Now everything slowed way down.  Ugh.  I didn't want to be rude but I wanted to move a little faster.  So I politely asked to pass.  One things for sure here in Montana: nice people.  So I slipped by a few people and slowed Dow. Because I had zero idea of what was in front of me.  I mean I knew mountains and a serious climb according to the graphic posted on the Rut website so I didn't want to poop out too soon.

All the sudden I hear, "on your right" and turned to see Donna!  I was so happy!!!  She had to have run all the way to me!  Let me tell you, that had to have been TOUGH.  She passed me and kept going!  The climb continued.  I felt pretty good still.

Without getting into a "boring" explanation of the course...BECAUSE IT IS BASICALLY UP FOR 5 miles with a few 50 yard (less up) switch backs tucked in there and maybe 3 different downs lasting about 40 yards max.

The Rut 2014 - RACE DAY (2)Being polite...We jammed up almost immediately at this crossing. When they say "single track" it really means that here. Since it was single track almost the entire way you hop ahead and behind folks.  In my head I began trying to remember if I'd made any progress ahead of anyone...that's about when I got to this hairpin turn that somehow went up even steeper!  What the hell?!  I really thought we had to be close to the top.  I SAW AN ANTENNAE!   Nope!

This section would be comparable to...the Tapo Open Space T has a goat trail that leads up to the ridge on the eastern you know it?  We really only go down it and when we do we have to descend you've got to do it on your butt part of the way to avoid tumbling head over heels.  Well we went UP that for about a mile...I had to stop and catch my breathe at this point.  I stupidly scooted to the right, which is dumb because I was dizzy and that side had a cliff so if I'd passed out I would have been a statistic.

I let a dozen people pass me.  DANG IT!

The Rut 2014 - RACE DAY (5)Running UP a ski area. The widest part of the run. No one passed anyone because it was so dang steep! Back at to the top when I heard cheering and whooping!  Yes, the top!!  No...not the top.  Just a very cool and enthusiastic photographer that had placed signs telling us to look up and smile!  I loved that.  She was so upbeat and she was also the first person outside of a runner that I'd seen.  She was hauling a lot of equipment so I guessed we must be close to the top...and we were.

First we had to get up this wide open shale like section.  Crumbly rocks and a steep grade but at lease walkable.  This is where I decided to try and pass a few people.  I did!  They were standing still taking photos BUT IT COUNTS!  Hee hee

I saw the antennae again and heard music.  WE WERE AT MILE 5 already!  Yipeeeee!!  In my head I was surprised that I felt good still.  I had no water or fuel and the aid station had electrolytes and water...AND A DOG.  I had to take a few minutes loving and petting this beautiful dog (got ok from his mom).  The. I sheepishly asked if it would be ok if I left my extra shirt and coat to have them bring it back.  I stripped while I ran all the way down to my sports bra In the. Idle of the trail (those that know me know this is a miracle.  I was sweating bullets though and needed relief).  She was super nice and  Adding I only had 2 miles left and I could do it. PLUS it was downhill.  


After thanking them for the music, refreshments and helping I headed down the trail.  It was a fire road and easy to navigate.  My knees were ok.  We were on the west side of the mountain and it was 10:15 still cold.  I was glad I didn't get rid of my apparel and while running I put it back on.  

The Rut 2014 - RACE DAY (4)Green beautiful planet.There were roads all around and we ran on them a little bit.

Down the fire road maybe half a mile I hear a guitar playing some awesome country song.  I listened and picked up my pace, which I'd estimate was a 185 maybe 175 bpm.  Yay!!  This guy rocked!! It was seriously cold and his fingers must have been frozen but he was playing and smiling and singing...just fantastic!!  I realized in my happiness that I hadn't noticed where the runners in front of me had gone.  

Then I saw opening in the side to drop down STEEP.  "Careful! " yelled the volunteer that was directing.  I thought, "wha??  Careful of what?"  That's about when I reached out with my loooong arms and grabbed into the tree trunk to balance my way down...Straightish...  I started to slip a bit.  Got my footing and took another step.  I looked down the path to the other runners I. Front of me.  It was a standstill.  Traffic had clogged up at this spot and I saw another jam ahead.   Crap, need to get around those folks but how am I supposed to get down this 12 foot drop?  Then I saw it, a rope!!!  A rope!!!!!!  I grabbed it and then, with all of the danger rappelling experience (read: I have zero experience I. Rappelling but 46 years of avoiding danger) I went FACE FIRST down. It was so easy!  I couldn't wait for the next rope.  But the people were staking up to get down.  Bummer.  Had to wait.  But when it was my turn I zoomed again face first...wooohoooo!!!  

There were 4 ropes going down total.  I was shocked I wasn't scared.

There were iced mud and slippery sections on this portion.  I almost fell once (that's it!) and tweaked my knee. Dang it!!  We had a little over a mile left, I thought.

Things flattened out and we crossed a foot bridge.   There was a really awesome guy yelling at me (cheering me) that this was the hill I run.  Get a move on it, run it to the top.  I looked up and sized it up.  I'd compare it technically to the grade at Tapo Open Space from the bottom of the path to the T.   Ok I'll try.  He was standing on the single track trail on the edge encouraging me...and when I got to him he gave me a pat on the back and said, "you can do it" I began slugging up what I was pretty sure he called THE LAST HILL.  if it was the last one, and I'd survived this far, I knew I could definitely do it.

Ahhh made it and took 40 yards to catch my breath then got moving again.  I met another runner, my “ShoeTwinsie" (we were wearing matching Asics Nimbus) and she was scooting along at a great pace...well, one I could try to keep up with.  I began running behind her 20 feet.  Then another incline!!  Nooooooo!! 

I quickly checked my watch (because looking up and away from the trail could mean I’d be falling into the stream we were running next to) and kept my mind busy trying to calculate how much more I had to go.  I knew it was under a mile so I pushed a little harder.

The Rut14 Start - Shelley Liston  Sarita finishing The 12K RutI was really pushing hard to knees and feet were wobbly. I was all alone on the single track zig-zagging toward the edge of the trees.  The sun was hotter now but I could hear the cheer of the crowd and the announcers.  

The girl in front of me was GONE.  Once I hit the edge of the trees I saw I had about 100 yards of funky, uneven mashed up dirt path to go.  A guy yelled at me “ this is where you sprint!!!!” so I picked up my pace (at least that’s what my legs, heart and lungs felt like anyway).

I saw Dustin cheering me at the final corner and that made me more determined.  My legs felt heavy!

Then I heard it - “Sarita Shumacher from Simmy Valley”.  YAY!!  

That’s a WRAP.

In hindsight I spent 5 weeks NOT RUNNING AT ALL, barely walking, ON PLANET EARTH.

I did do aqua running for 6 weeks and it helped.  I also got to Big Sky with enough time to get through elevation pains.  I did feel that in the first 48 hours, slightly.  Mostly when we were hiking the top of Lone Peak.

After I crossed the finish line I went to the water tent and got a glass of water.  

Then I saw Donna running in! YAY!!!  We all finished one of the toughest trail runs on earth. 

I’ve run the trails around Simi, I ran a few Xterra races…I’ve run a lot of places. 

Lone Peak Ascent - Day 1 (3)Randy on the way UP to Lone Peak.We went to the TOP of Lone Peak the day we arrived to work on acclimating and hopefully avoid any elevation problems.

The Rut is by far the best scenery, highest elevation, most frightening (those ropes!),  tightest single track I’ve ever personally experienced.    AND I LOVED EVERY INCH OF IT!

I wish we had a medal for it.  I’m making my own.

Despite a lot of waiting for people (due to the single track issue) I think I did pretty good.  I had next to zero pain - a little knee stiffness.

I'm going to return for sure - it was just too amazing.  I'll be prepared better, that's for sure.


MORE OF MY ADVENTURE pre and post race

We arrived in Montana 5 days earlier than the race with the purpose of wisely acclimating to the elevation.  Simi Valley's Rocky Peak (the highest elevation I think) is about 2,700.  

Big Sky Montana (the START LINE of The Rut) yawns at this fact.  They eat Rocky Peak for breakfast.  7,500 feet. 

The weather was HOT.  95 degrees at the Bozeman airport!  We got our stinky red rental POS, STUFFED our stuff in and headed to the only grocery store we knew of to get supplies to eat at the condo we were staying in.  

The car LOOKED like a cat or dog exploded with hair all over the back seat, the smell was something like stale fast food with buckets of "febreeze".  I didn't complain, I was so happy to be on our way! 

After grocery shopping we headed out.  The smell, I'm sure with the heat, was suffocating.  We called the Rental Place (Hertz) and they were SO COOL letting us switch the car out.  We were going to kick around Montana then drive to visit Morgan in Rexburg at BYU Idaho then to Salt Lake City and fly home. We got a Toyota mini-van.  It didn't smell.  There was plenty of space.


The drive to Big Sky is unreal.  The temps reduced and by the time we rolled into the condo parking lot we were between 70-80 degrees.  Perfect weather, perfect timing and the condo was off the dial amazing.  Ahhhh...vacation!!!

For the record, my official starting ritual for vacation is to have a donut.  I had one the morning we left to Montana thanks to Morgan!

NEXT BLOG:  What happened when we got to Big Sky Resort...


















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Influencer or Influencee Morning run at Haggarty Hill.The hills around Simi Valley - can you see the running group off to the right? This is Shells. Since we began our boot camp in 2006 we have helped thousands of people.

Most arrive because they have never been able to stick to a healthy regiment that included making healthy food choices and daily exercise.

Unless you are a programmed BORG, someone that has fought and beaten a major health-related disease (they are the most motivated) OR someone with foresight THIS IS THE NORM.

That last point about foresight is the clincher.  

That can keep you motivated on a path, YOUR PATH, to a lifestyle of quality.

I cannot imagine anyone hoping to be confined to a wheelchair, unable to dress or undress themselves or hug a friend or family member. 

If you were in an accident, that is a different story.

MichelleF - Long Canyon Trail Running  (1) copyMichelleF scoots along Long CanyonGetting outside makes a happy mom...which in turn makes a happy family! I’m talking about the people that day after day put their health on the bottom of the stack of priorities.  I did it myself so I know what I’m talking about.

I just read an article pointing out the OBVIOUS. Very interesting, check it out.  Doctor’s are not prescribing “exercise more” to combat health problems.  They’re definitely prescribing medications though.  Lots of excuses and reasons for it.  

If you have ever stuck to a workout program - especially one that it outside - for a good amount of time you KNOW how good it feels.

I was born in the late 60’s.  My childhood was spent mostly outside in the streets, alleys and parks playing.  Barefoot most of the time as well.   It really feels FANTASTIC to be unconfined in your movement (why I think outdoor exercise is the greatest, I’ve done both and have an educated opinion).

BUT what if that idea doesn’t ignite your internal fire?

That’s where you should look around and see what or who is influencing you.

If you watch much television chances are you are being heavily influenced by perfect physique and the latest fad diets, pills, drinks and instant meals.

If you are around an active group, chances are you are just as active.

If you are sitting in an unhappy place physically and you want to do something about changing it to a more permanent happy health-wise, look around at who is the Captain of your ship in the area of exercise and nutrition.


Kitchen My small kitchen.Your kitchen is the greatest room in the house. Next to your bed (where you need to get plenty of sleep) your kitchen can help you be happier and healthier! The Kitchen - Your Kitchen

Every single house has a kitchen.  Some small and some enormous.  

Some have every possible piece of equipment you’d ever need to make ANY food item.  There are some that have the basics to throw together about 10 different meals.

Do you have a “pantry” with canned, dry and preserved foods?

What about eating?  Do you spend a lot of time dining out?  Have you looked around the place to get a feel for the “health” of other patrons? 

These points make a difference in your health.

How many meals are you in control of 100%?

Review just a week and be honest with yourself.

If you have a kitchen you can spend more time in it creating (not cooking) meals that are packed with good and healthy ingredients.

It’s no secret that our program pushes for unprocessed foods as a priority.   It is no secret that the fad diets, super weight loss pills and powders, unsustainable foods all fall into one category: unhealthy.

Randy and Ryan at Kids Boot Camp.Give your kids a variety of all of the many unprocessed foods that you find in your grocery. Unprocessed REAL FOOD is what has the energy your body needs.  The nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino name it.


I’m not saying you have to be a vegan (I am trying to be one because it just feels awesome).  

I’m suggesting you wake up and realize that EATING IS FUN and if you were to EAT HEALTHY it is not only FUN but good for you.

It does take more work to eat from your home but so what!  You are worth it.

Added Bonus

You are influencing the younger people around you.   

The best you can do is to lead by example.

I don’t know who originally said this but it sure is true, “Be the person you want your children to be.”



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Steve Spencer's Heart Surgery: Incredibly GOOD NEWS SteveSp Trail Running Hummingbird  (1)SteveSp Trail Running Hummingbird (1) INCREDIBLY GOOD NEWS

about Steve Spencer


This morning I woke up thinking about Steve.  Grateful I have my health, though it isn’t perfect.  Grateful for all of the people I get to “hang out” with every day at “work”. 

As the morning progressed I contemplated what Steve and Suzy might be thinking about, talking about - definitely feeling scared at the worst case scenario would unfold but remembering Diane (Steve’s sister-in-law) updating me with the fantastic news about his strong heart.  

My station was dips. I got to see every camper today and while I watched over them working I started feeling the positive energy everyone had for Steve.  There is a lot to be said when humans rally around a cause and feel the good vibes.  My fear on their behalf was replaced by anticipation of what I knew would happen: he’d wake up fuzzed out but anxious to know “what happened” and then get the great news that everything went PERFECT.   

Then my updates from Diane began coming in...

August 20th, 9:41am: “We had the first update at 8:50am, which was not good news.  He needs a quintuplet by-pass with comes with a bit more complication.  They were harvesting a vein in his left leg.  We will get another update soon.  They have a nurse dedicated to keeping us up to date.”

Me: “CRAP, but OK good on dedicated nurse. Stay positive.”

10:16am “Update: mammary arteries rerouted, vein from leg harvested, hook up of heart and lung machine beginning.  Chest open.  Heart sack not open yet.  Takes 30 minutes.  No more updates for 2 hours.”

Me: “Holy SHIT that is intense.  Just INTENSE and I’m getting sick to my stomach.  I’m out getting supplies for the weekend Bulldog Aid Station and I look around at all of the people milling about.  I’m sort of numb and I read over that text 4 more times.  Ugh, got to stay positive.”

11:59am “The latest: all major artery work done.  20 more minutes on heart and lung machine.  Suzy will breath a sigh of relief once he’s off machine.  Next person to update should be heart surgeon in 60 minutes.  Steve is in the home stretch.”

Me: “I’m so glad Diane is an A-Personality.  Ahhh...I feel like I’m there with them.  I didn’t realize I was holding my breath reading the text. “

1:02pm  “Surgery over.  Doc said he only did quadruple.  No bypass machine was needed.  Doc was hoping to be able to do beating heart procedure.  Surgery went awesome.  No blood needed.  They just wheeled Steve by us.  He looks good.  We expected him to be pale, but no.  Color in his face.  He’s on ventilator for a couple of hours.  Probably wake him up in a couple of hours. Doctor said outcome great.  Steve is bootcamp strong!!”

Me: “In line at JoAnn Fabrics I squeal a happy squeal.  I feel like I’m watching the most ultimate Superbowl ever.  Wait, it IS the most ultimate Superbowl ever.  Steve did it!  He did it!!!”

Randy and I can breathe again - we both were actually taking shorter smaller breaths until we heard the good news.  Were you?

Salad - Lettuce Carrot Basil Red Cabbage Yellow squash FOODSalad - Lettuce Carrot Basil Red Cabbage Yellow squash FOOD

The next stage is JoAnn is organizing meals for the family while Steve recovers.  Of course everyone invited is IN.  Now we need to know what the new “post Ultimate Superbowl” menu should be.  

Steve told Randy and I he’d be joining us on more Salad Challenges.

I can’t wait to create our meal for the amazing Spencer Family.

My heart is smiling for everyone today!






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Aqua Running Clinic Aqua Running Clinic Aqua Running Clinic at 805 Boot CampRunning in water with guidance and a PURPOSE will give you a tough exhausting workout. Well, as of today I've completed 7 workouts - and I definitely feel improvements.  More on what those are at the end of this post.

The Aqua Running Clinic (ARC) will improve your running form, flexibility and stamina.  

A no-impact cardio intensive class in an olympic size pool.  

Designed to help you improve your running strength and form.

Especially beneficial for anyone held back by injuries limiting them from running or impact.

Aqua BeltAqua Belt

Two classes were offered with 6 spaces available (for those that would need the jogger belt).  It filled up immediately but we are still open to having you join us if you can get your own aqua belt.

Immediate Benefits 

  • Spiked cardio - you will be exhausted!  Sleep like a cat after!  
  • No impact on joints.
  • Increased range of motion (on gradients).
  • Every fiber from your toes to your neck engaged.
  • Resistance with form work - it's tough.
  • Speed work with resistance - very tough.
  • Work around injuries and still get that "runners high" releasing endorphins.

The first two clinics are introductory and we are considering adding future training to our  services.

Contact us directly through email, text or call if you would like more information.  805-823-3424


Benefits I (Sarita) have personally experienced over the course of the 7 classes:

- knee pain at first, now gone

- total exhaustion following each class (more than after an hour of camp) and NO KNEE PAIN AT ALL.

- better form in my upper body, more efficient

- the definition on my shoulders, front of my shoulders and back muscles being more apparent


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Steve Spencer - Ultra SURVIVOR SteveSp Big Sky White Face Trail (3)Steve Spencer with one of his many rescued dogs, Henry!Steve and Henry at White Face Trail. Steve Spencer is one tough guy, awesome dad, dog lover, funny and SUPER smart.  If you have been a 5:30am camper in the past year then you’ve know who he is!


You wouldn’t know it but Steve has fought and won a big battle in his life - cancer.  


SuzySp KatherineS SteveSp - Rusty and Henry K9 Marr LandRusty, Katherine, Suzy, Henry and Steve in Simi Valley. Marr Land Trail.Rusty is the Spencer Family latest addition (as of July 2014). Rusty grew up completely igored by his owners. They were an unhappy family and he was the last thing on their minds. Left in the back yard all alone ALL THE TIME he has been coming to camp and learning how to be a part of his new Forever Family, The Spencers On Wednesday this week (August 20th) he will be going into surgery for a quadruple bypass.  This is a very serious surgery and Steve, Suzy and the kids (and their pets) could use all of the love and positive energy we can give.


JoAnn is bringing a giant card to sign on Monday.  You can write your words of encouragement for him there or if you want to be more private put them in an envelope (don’t forget to sign your name on your note).


Steve texted us the following, “I am going in for a quadruple bypass ...and will be in the hospital until Sunday or so.  If I can request anything, please make everyone do a few extra push-ups on Wednesday for me.  I won’t be able to do any for a while.”

He will be at Northridge Hospital.

Steve knew something was “wrong” so he checked it out.  This is what he wrote us on August 11th, “Except for the new medications I’m on, I feel fine.  That’s whats’s weird about this whole thing.  I must have been living with this condition for years (and it’s really good that I found out), and don’t feel any different than I have for all these years.  I hope that they can reverse the damage - I can’t imagine how much more energy and stamina I’d have going from 50% heart to 100%.

At least I know now why I was so slow going uphill on all of those trails.”

His doctor told him he has a HEALTHY HEART and it even grew some new vessel pathways.  His doctor also said his exercise this past year has helped his heart.  

Facebook post by Uncle Steve.Facebook post by Uncle Steve.Steve took these young'uns up one of the toughest trails in Simi Valley - Haggarty Hill! Looks like everyone loved Uncle Steve taking them to the top!

I went back to the start of when Steve began camp with us out of curiosity - how many days has Steve been coming to camp?  

His first camp was Tour 50, June 2013. Since then he has graduated every single camp - logging over 225 hours of exercise.  That doesn’t include what he did in-between our boot camp tours or on weekends.  He was often found out on the trails with his family - pets included.

The Spencer Family could be described as  big hearted, giving, hard working, caring and easy going.   


Words of encouragement go a long way so think of some and write them down to give to Steve and the Spencer Family.  

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HABITS: Blessings or sabotage Grocery store in 1970'sGrocery store in 1970's We all have habits.  Some good and some bad. 


Let’s talk about one connected to your health and wellness.


Food Consumption: A study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior examined changes in the quantity and quality of food Americans consumed that was prepared at home versus away from home.  First in the 1977-78 and then 1994-96.


These are the results, Between 1977-78 and 1994-96, consumption of food prepared away from home increased from 18% to 32% of total calories. Meals and snacks based on food prepared away from home contained more calories per eating occasion, and “away” food was higher in total fat and saturated fat on a per-calorie basis than at-home food. “Away” food contained less dietary fiber, calcium, and iron on a per-calorie basis. Among adults but not children, food prepared away from home was more sodium and cholesterol dense.”


Yikes.  In the 70’s my mom was definitely shoving “healthy foods” in our faces and we would beg and plead to get to go OUT TO EAT like everyone else.  I could not remember my childhood containing any fast food except when I would sit with my best friend at Wendy’s while she ate (I actually got the free crackers and dipped them in ketchup...what!?!?).  


Later my mom would bend and once on visiting home in the 80’s I found SPAGHETTI-O’S in the cupboard!  I felt immediately jealous as though again I was gypped of the “good stuff”.  


Most of us KNOW what dining was like back in the 70’s.  Most of us actually did enjoy a meal around a table with our family.  Most of us can remember going to a friend’s house  (whose mother or father cooked) and you could smell the delicious meal aromas floating into every room tickling your nose.  Ahhhhhh...


I have an idea, WHY NOT BRING THE NOSTALGIA of sitting at home, at the dining room table (not in front of the TV), eating a meal together and enjoying each other’s company.


If everyone owns a cell phone: stack them up in the middle of the table and the first person to get a text or call clears the table and washes the dishes.  HINT: TURN YOUR PHONE OFF AN YOU WON’T RISK THIS AWFUL TASK.  If no one interrupts then everyone pitch in to clean up after the meal.

Reference to above research here.

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OUCH!! Is that my Sciatica!? 2013-09-22-LUIS (12)2013-09-22-LUIS (12)

This is a term used to define pain or discomfort in to the gluteal and or legs. This term is used loosely like when we use the word “headache”. We all know there are many reasons for headaches; Sinus, vision, migraine neck pain and TMJ dysfunction are all causes of headaches. So, we use the term “sciatica” in the same manner. Sciatica can be in both or only one leg at a time. Sciatica (leg/gluteal pain) is usually created by any of the following:

1. Disc Herniation, bulges and prolapse.
2. Piriformis muscle spasm (piriformis syndrome).
3. Central canal or foraminal stenosis (tightening of the spinal canal).
4. Lumbar disc degeneration.
5. Facet syndrome.
6. Lumbar subluxation.

Note: It’s often that sciatica will also be accompanied by lumbar paraspinals spasms which can make the condition worse. It’s also noteworthy that you can have some of these conditions without any back pain.

How is it diagnosed?

It’s important to start with a history of the condition and If you have had previous bouts of sciatica and what caused it. X-rays can also be helpful to see what you spine looks like. Do you have degeneration or can a small spinal canal be seen? Next you would need an examination to help delineate what structures that may be creating the pain. Is the sciatica coming from the nerve roots next to your spine or are the symptoms coming from the lower sciatic nerve?

A competent chiropractor, neurologist or spinal orthopedist are the specialist you should seek this information from. Lastly, an MRI would be helpful to better view the intervertebral discs (this is usually done at a last resort).

What can you do to relieve sciatica? It’s paramount that you find the cause before you can effectively treat it. As you have read, there are many possible causes which each require different approaches to treatment. However, you can help relive the “symptoms” of sciatica at home by eliminating the things that aggravate it. Usually long periods of sitting (computer chairs, cars) will aggravate the condition so you will want to stay flat on a supportive surface and reduce sitting. Lifting, bending and twisting are also aggravators of sciatica. Using moist hot packs, spa and stretching protocols can be effective is decreasing the pain. There are certain medications that can help but you should understand that this is usually numbing the pain rather than eliminating the cause.

Is exercise helpful? Exercise most often will aggravate sciatica but again, it depends on what is actually creating the sciatica. A rule of thumb is that anything that makes is worse, is not recommended. Exercise protocols are usually given once the condition is diagnosed, treated and eliminated. We need to understand that there is usually a weakness or overuse that created the problem in the first place so exercise protocols are important when you want to keep the condition from returning.

Closing: The big problem is when you are on a devoted exercise routine and you are scared to stop exercising for fear of loosing what you have gained. All I can say is that If the condition hasn’t gone away on its own, and exercise makes it worse, you could be decreasing the possibility or getting rid of the cause (especially if a lumbar disc is involved). This type of injury puts you at risk of never being able to exercise at the previous intensity.

I treat cases that involve sciatica on athletes and on a daily basis with many different protocols. The success rate depends on how quickly the patient gets in my clinic. After treatment many of them wished they had got in for treatment earlier so they could have resumed their workouts earlier. If I can be of any help, please feel free to schedule a consultation with me and I will do whatever I can to help. If I can’t help, I will gladly help you find someone who can.

Best Regards-

David Sommer Sports ChiropractorDavid Sommer Sports Chiropractor David A. Sommer, DC, CSCS, RSMT, CSMT
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Meg Cross Menzies

FRIENDS of 805 Boot Camp:

This is what I was attempting to spread the word on this morning at camp...


Meg Cross Menzies was doing EVERYTHING right while road running yet she lost her life to a stupid JERK: drunk driver.  This pisses me off.  It makes me want to shout from the rooftops!  But I only have this little BLOG.


Facebook has a page that is rallying to run this weekend in memory of Meg.  I don't know her.


I would like you to do two things on Saturday (along with getting up and running!):


1) Promise you will never ever drive drunk and 

2) Promise, even if only for Saturday in honor of Meg, you will lock your phone in your trunk and NOT drive distracted.


If you are a selfish type, YOUR life would be destroyed if YOU "accidentally" killed someone by being distracted. 

Most of the people I know ignore the distracted driving law. This makes me so sad - it's not necessary to drive while checking your texts, taking a phone call or looking anywhere except on the road in front of you. 

Meg Cross MenziesMeg Cross Menzies

Most of the people I know are also very intelligent which is why I don't understand why they ignore this law.  Is it because "it's a law"?  


I say it is common sense.  It's not worth the risk. The person trying to talk/text you would definitely understand waiting to hear back.


OK, I got a little whipped up there...


I like trail running (with people) because I think it is safer and prettier.   But sometimes I cannot run trail and run road. 


EVERY time I road run I'm almost hit by a car! And if you know me (this is Sarita) I'm a FREAK on trying to be the most alert,  attentive and VISIBLE person out there. I get made fun of for being over cautious. "Safety-Monitor", right?  I sure hope I'm never hit by a car. I keep my eyes open and I DO NOT run with headphones on EVER. 


Randy always tells me when he runs he thinks about ways to solve world peace. I like to look around my 'hood.  If I need music, I attach my phone to my sports bra shoulder which is near my ear and I can hear my tunes AND my surroundings. 


Bottom line: run this weekend and be safe and think of Meg when you do. She sounds like she was a very very good human being, like you.


Spread the word.  Help make people more aware.


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