Zenfolio | Sarita Shoemaker | Tour 35 Apr May 2011

805 Boot Campers work on every muscle in their bodies to shred fat, lose weight and get ready for a fantastic summer!!
EddieW - Corriganville Corridor.JPG  Photo by RRSEddieW - the corridor .JPG  Photo by RRSBillC - through the corridor.JPG  Photo by RRSDoris - YAY 2.JPG  Photo by RRSLisaE - YAY2.JPG  Photo by RRSOutdoors - Corriganville Trail .JPG  Photo by RRSTrail Gun Show - The 5 Chicks .JPG  Photo by RRS5 Chicks at Corriganville Trail.JPG  Photo by RRSLynetteR - push ups on the secret rock .JPG  Photo by RRSSarita and Kona at the Secret Push UP Rock.JPG  Photo by RRSSarita push ups on secret rock .JPG  Photo by RRSSmitty - push ups on the secret rock .JPG  Photo by RRSMarilynS - push ups on the secret rock .JPG  Photo by RRSStaceyHop - push ups at the secret rock .JPG  Photo by RRSLynetteR MarilynS - Corriganville Park .JPG  Photo by RRSStaceyHop - down she goes to the fun! .JPG  Photo by RRSStaceyHop - at the start of the corridor .JPG  Photo by RRSOutdoors wildlife corridor2.JPG  Photo by RRSOutdoors - wildlife corridor 1.JPG  Photo by RRSSarita at Corriganville .JPG  Photo by RRS