Zenfolio | Sarita Shoemaker | Tour 27 - Week Four

Travel this week was Big Sky Park and Hummingbird Tail. Saturday Camp at Zuma Beach...what a fantastic, busy and productive week!!!!
Aimee - balance and lat workAimee - Balance Lat Work 2Aimee - flare outsAimee - perfect form Y!Aimee - running with weights not scissorsAimee - so cute!!  Working hard every secondAlex - more Flare OutsAlexK - big guns big weight for some tough bicep workAlexK - punching 1AlexK Punching 2AngieL  - Y! because we said so!AngieL - what a great attitude running with weights!AngieL leading the pack down the trailApril - balance and lat workBobH - balance and lat workBobH is the designated chain gain KB starter - nice!BobH MarkG - running with weights was never so funBrianMc - punchesCurry - - balance and lat workCurry - down the trail back to home base