Through the camera and eyes of many, the story of this epic event can be lived! (sorta sounds a bit Yoda-like)

Thank you to everyone sending me photos!!

August 3rd and 4th, Wrightwood California to Alta Dena California. 100+ miles (there is some controversy on this.

The story begins about 1 year ago...thanks to Doug Spencer.
AC100_ 30a  Doug and Dave Training Run - one of many0a run gives time to take a pic0a another Training Run in July0a Baden-Powerll Sat May 11 2013 ascent  (1)0a Baden-Powerll Sat May 11 2013 ascent  (2)0a Brett and Mark - awesome guys to train with0a Dave - somewhere at the top of someplace important with a big view !0a Dave and Randy - Training run 1000!!0a Doug Dave Log - Training0a Even I got to go on a Training Run at Baden Powel0a July Training again - a storm is a brewing!0a Mexico Lindo for Dinner Sat 12 may 2013 (3)0a Nancy Dervin's magical AC100 Critical Path we used0a Night Running was a MUST with DebbieBo0a Off to Baden Powell he goes.  Big Lungs Necessary0a Preparation for a training run 30 miler0a Storms in July - hurry!! Thunder Lightening Rain YES!!0a Sunset Point - Training Time in July0a Sunset Point Race Day Aug 4- YES!  - Photo Debbie BO