Zenfolio | Sarita Shoemaker | Tour 49 Apr May 2013

So many people on a MISSION to better health!

Watch as they improve their form, strength, endurance and SHRINK before your eyes!

We're a big family and we're in this TOGETHER.
7am Golden Children at Marr530am Cheer Team - GO SUNRISE!AlessandroM - Hummingbird Trail (1)AlessandroM - Hummingbird TrailAlessandroM - Up the boulders full speed!AlessandroM DustinF - timed hover photoAlyssa - 5 sets of 25 push ups YOU pick the styleAlyssaL - hop skip and down the trail she goesAlyssaL - KimV headed back to the startAlyssaL - Zooms byAlyssaL leads her boys up the trail Farmer Walk .JPG   T49W3Ameenah - trail running babe!!AngelaR - dripping sweat and still going! .JPG   T49W3AngelaR - lungeAngelaR - Mel at HummigbirdAngelaR - rope agilityAngelaR BillC LisaE - warm up lap .JPG   T49W3AngelaR hop like a bunny!AngieL - Angela - approaching the bouldersAngieL - cannonball throw .JPG   T49W3