Zenfolio | Sarita Shoemaker | Tour 40 Jan Feb 2012

Alene BillJ AngieR - Push the weight UPAleneS - hurdlesAngieL - coming down the last Long Canyon hillAngieL - go JasonC !!AngieL - hours before she takes off to be Dave's Pit Crew on a 50 Mile Catalina Run!!AngieL - into the sunriseAngieL - JasonC press it upBeautiful rock with rusty mossBillC - hey!!!BillC - running the final mile!BillCo - epic trail running today!! Good job!BillCo - lateral banana hurdlesBilLCo - tough to top Long Canyon trail running!Blue Sky Purple Flowers Rusty Moss Stone - just so pretty!BobH - Coronas are a favoriteBobH - lateral JumpsBobH - off the hurdles like a rocketBrennaS NickiT - press it all the way upCharlotte and Ghilley race by! Search Dogs K(