Zenfolio | Sarita Shoemaker | Tour 28 - Week Four!

MikeL - scissor kicksHummingbird Trail is beautiful 1 outdoorsSimi Valley - outdoors Happy FaceKylie points and Jenny Points back !  so there!Group - up the rocks for some workKyle - pointingJennyM - scissor kicksRamsay - ab workKylie leads group abs REACH!CelinaK  plank holdsJennyM plank holdsDonnaT - plank holdsDrew and Cooper on the left - hmmmmmmm need some captionsDenaM - perfect perfect perfect plank form!Melinda - TieDye spirit and band workGroup Station Rock 2 - band workEarly Gun Show Group at Hummingbird TrailGroup Station 1 - band work on the Hummingbird RocksJimB - plank holds WITH A LEG UP!!Kylie - leading band work