Zenfolio | Sarita Shoemaker | Independance Day Family Boot Camp 2012


Mission Accomplished!

Our 805 Boot Camp family grew with friends and family (kids included) sharing the start of July 4th, 2012.

It sure was nice to see so many people excited about working out!!

We are pretty sure, noting the amount of sweat dripping off of each of you, that you had an excellent camp hour (plus some, right!!?)

Please keep exercise a TOP priority in your life. Let's make America a healthier place starting in our own homes.
Abby is deciding Kylie is a DUCKAbby rushing around and Andrew hot on her heelsAdrianneA - how does she make running with a watermelon look so beautiful!!!??Alex - Frankensteins Group warm upAlex!  Holding it like a football was the most successful wayAndrew gets his first GOOSE - go!! Abby rushes aroundAndrew skids around the corner after AbbyAnny - Awesome speet!Anny KarenK - Log Run !Chelsea - fast feet and happy pony tailsChelseaT - TurbosChristopher demonstratesChristopherK - football style (1)ChristopherK - football styleChristopherK - log rolling runnerChristopherK helps AndrewChristopherK tried to get Taylor to go in the right directionCourtneyV - turbo time!