Zenfolio | Sarita Shoemaker | Tour 48 Feb Apr 2013

It's OLD SCHOOL this tour and we're taking our campers on a run down memory lane, literally!

If you want a different workout every single day that will help you lose weight, body fat and increase your muscle mass you need to join us!

Another bonus: we are all outdoors on this incredible planet every single day!
Alessandro - 30 30'sAlessandro - Chin ups and pull ups RandyLandAlessandro - Long Canyon - looking awesome!!  (1)Alessandro - Long Canyon - looking awesome!!Alessandro - pushing hard on 30 30'sAlessandro - the CheerioAlessandro - tire dragAlyssaL - push ups on the ballsAlyssaL - raise and lower the cheerioAmeenah - diamond push upsAmeenah - drivenAmeenah - shoulder workAmeenah LeahB Rachael - Around The WorldAmeenah- U turn for another sprintAndres - 30 30'sAndres - PULL PULL PULL!AndresA - KB work triceps biceps  (1)AndresA - KB work triceps bicepsAndresA - now who would ever run with a tire??AndresA - Slosh tube and bulgarian bag  (1)