Zenfolio | Sarita Shoemaker | Tour 43 Jun Jul 2012

This tour started in June and ends in July - SUMMER SIZZLE really sums it up!

The daybreak is incredible and the evening classes are like something out of a magical weather movie!

Watch our campers shrink away over the next 6 weeks!
Adrianne - navigating the up and downsAdrianneA - ahhhh just one more ladderAdrianneA - almost to the T!!AdrianneA - go girl go!!AdrianneA - going going goingAdrianneA - just a few more steps!!AdrianneA - The Dam HillAdrianneA - up up up up upAdrianneA StephanieJ - up you go!!AleneH - Lunge LaneAleneS - bicep workAleneS -bicepw workAlpha Group - More tricep work under the watchful eye of Kylie!Ameenah - headed homeAmeenah - THAT'S THE SPIRIT!!Ameenah - Trail Running Mimi - love love loveAmeenah and - trail running MONSTERAngieL - Instructors that work hard are AWESOME!!AngieL - made it to the TAngieR - here she comes!