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We've created a new (rated one of the BEST WORKOUTS EVER) element of our program that you won't find anywhere else!

It is a combination of tabata, speed drills, strength,balance, flexibility and agility.
Group - Randy teaching the stations for RandyLandJasonC - weighted bag run .JPG  RandyLandRandy shows HEARTBEAT .JPG   RandyLandTamra Brenna - .JPG  RandyLandBillC - ropes at RandyLandScott handles THE FRENCH FRY.JPG   RandyLandAlene - Farmer Walk.JPG   RandyLandTamra - Bulgarian Bag swing .JPG   RandyLandBillC - ropes at RandyLand (1)Brenna at The Pull! .JPG   RandyLandGroup - RandyLand UltraWeek 1 DONE - RandyLand-  copyWeek 1 DONE - RandyLand-  copyconcon randyland groups T41Week 1 T41 DONE - RandyLand-Group - RandyLand UltraCindyL - the Ropes.JPG   RandyLandTamra - nice air on the plyo jump .JPG   RandyLandBrianMcC - The Zen Station .JPG  RandyLandWeek 3 DONE Evening Camp was RandyLand!