Zenfolio | Sarita Shoemaker | Tour 28 - Week One

A dark morning at CorriganvilleAfter about 45 minutes your quads might give out!Ahhhh- group stretch is soooo niceAimee  crab walksAimee - allllday on wall sits!Aimee -UP TO THE WATER TOWER!Alpha Group ab workAmeenah - bicyclesAmeenah getting ready to RUN!  She loves it now!AngieL Jojo coming up and MicheleN running down for moreAshli is READY to get going!AshliS Riley REACH ab workBobH - wall sitsBobH - YEAY!!BobH crab walksBobH HovertimeBobH MicheleN jog it up to the water towerBobH shake your legs stretch your legsBravo Group more wam upBravo Group side hover