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What is 805 Boot Camp?

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A six week outdoor fitness and nutrition program for Men and Women designed to help you move to a healthier lifestyle that you can actually MAINTAIN!

Benefits range from weight loss to ceasing medications.

You do not need to be "in shape" to participate in our program.  We have you work at 100% of what YOU can do.  This is not a competition with each other.  It is a competition between YOU and the goal you want to reach.

Call to join us: 805-823-3409

Read some of our testimonials!

"I am constantly thinking..... Even though it is good for me to eat...  "Should I eat this?"  I understand what Randy was

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saying about exercise being addicting.  I couldn't wait for the weekend to be over to start Mondays Boot Camp.  How crazy is that.  I wanted the weekend to be over!  What?" R.O.



"(I am) Sleeping better and I have more energy." J.B.

"I love 805...I love wanting to work out...eat right and the compliments I get telling me I look good!  Thanks to you both!   A.S.

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"I just wanted to thank you for continuing to positively change my life. I went to my dentist today who gave me such a great compliment about both the way I look but more importantly the dedication I have to live a healthy life (she almost died when I told her I had been doing a boot camp for 1 year now).

I believe in divine timing and it was great to receive that recognition after the “wallowing” I’ve been doing the past 3 weeks realizing that x-mas gave me 5lbs. I have such a great goal I’m working towards this camp, but wanted to stop right now to thank you guys AGAIN for being such positive influences in my husband and my life."  W.L.

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"I am happy to tell you that 3 years ago I signed up for just 6 weeks of bootcamp and now it is 3 years with only missing a day here and there except vacations. I never thought it would be so fun for me.

Thanks one million times." V.A.


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